News:     We are running new project "In The Beginning Was Water"


In The Beginning Was Water will be a series of seven short animations with water as the overall theme. The first animation in the series (Episode 1) is based on Irish folklore with a special emphasis on the Cavan County area where the artists live.







 Our Animation Broken Tale was screened on numerous film festivals ! 

- 29th Fano  International Film Festival, Italy

- 18th Annual Polish Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA

- Cinemagic Film Festival, Belfast, United Kingdom 

- Joinville International Short Film Festival, Brazil

- 10th International Animated Film Festival ANIMATOR 2017, Poznan, Poland

 - ANIBAR International Animation Festival, Peja, Kosovo

- 18th ShorTS - International Film Festival Trieste, Italy.

- 8th IAFF “GOLDEN KUKER- SOFIA” 2017, Sofia, Bulgaria.

- 34th International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! Poznan, Poland

- 28th Girona Film Festival Girona, Spain

- 14th International Short and Independent Film Festival-Dhaka,  Bangladesh

- 8th International Animated  Film Competition InShadow, Lisbon, Portugal

- 15th Clones Film Festival, Clones, Ireland

- 11th InSPIRACJE International Visual Arts Festival Szczecin, Poland

- 6th Stockholm Fringe Festival STOFF 2016, Stockholm, Sweden

- Baboró International Arts Festival for Children Galway, Ireland

- 2nd Bytom Film Festival Bytom, Poland

- Screening in the TownHall Arts Space, Culture Night 2016, Cavan, Ireland

- Screening during Conference of Australian Fairy Tales Society at the Monash University Melbourne, Australia

- Screening and Lecture in Jönköpings Läns Museum and Library, önköping, Sweden

- Screening during Beltane Fire Festival Edinburgh, Scotland.