Creation 2019



In the Beginning there was nothing but endless sea. On this sea in the boat, God was sailing. One day from his reflection, out of sea depths devil emerged. After that they started to create the world together, quickly falling into conflict, which goes on to this day. “The Creation” is the first animation depicting Slavic creation myth. Screenplay was based on folk stories as well as on reconstructions of prominent historians and culture researchers. The film was made by the team of two person, in the painting on glass animation technique.



Daragh Slacke Sean Lamh 2018


An animated video clip created to the music and text by Irish author Daragh Slacke.

Sean Lamh refers to the rural Irish tradition of storytelling, where the magic and legends blend with rough reality.


Broken Tale 2016


Broken Tale is 9 min long animation based on hand drawing. The animation shows the journey of a girl into the heart of the wilderness, to the lake hidden deep in the primeval forest. Her guide and mystical guardian is a moose. The story is based on the Swedish folk tale about a girl and a moose.

In the woods, fields, on water, in the air, local creatures bring fear .“


The film presents unlucky day of Jaśko, who is tormented by malicious creatures known from Slavic folklore. Film was created during “Animator of Tomorrow” Workshops on 10th International Animated Film Festival Animator 2017 in Poznan.


The Voyage of Saint Brendan 2013

“The Voyage of Saint Brendan” is 12 minutes long animation based on hand drawing. This is an adaptation of Irish legend about Saint Brendan’s voyage to Paradise Land. We have based the artwork on medieval historiography in particular on text  Navigatio Sancti Brendani Abbatis” from 8th century. Text describes the adventures of group of monks who sail out on the wooden boat toward the Paradise Island known to them from stories. The trip was to begin on the west coast of Ireland, through Faroe Islands, Shetlands and Iceland reach Greenland, where than St. Brendan was supposed to get to Newfoundland   or Labrador. The trip was to have a place between 545  and 551 and their participants was to be first European   who reach the coast of North America.


 Dag and Daga 2015

”Dag och Daga och flygtrollet på Himmelsberget ” is a short animation based on Swedish folk tale. The work was created during Guest Artist Residence in Smedbyn, Jönköping in Sweden. We were primarily interested in aesthetic picture in which the most important role is played by light and subtle color. In our colors we refer to paintings of the Old Masters, Lucas Cranach the Elder and Albrecht Altdorfer.